Super Toss the Turtle Mobile Game for Android & iOS

Super Toss the Turtle

Super Toss the Turtle is the mobile equivalent of the classic flash game created in 2009. Arguably one of the first true tossing and launch games, Toss the Turtle was an instant hit with online gamers. It's generous upgrade system and ease of playing combined with rich cartoon like graphics and andorable turtle was irresistable to casual gamers.

Fast Forward 8 years later and the game finally launches on mobile with the best features of the flash game brought along. It's not easy to obtain a 4.7 rating on a free mobile game with over 1 million downloads with other popular flash equivalents like Learn to Fly 2 failing to impress it's own loyal fan base for it's mobile version.

Find out for yourself why so many fans of the original have been impressed with this expanded port, it's available for Android and iOS devices.

Release Date: 10/01/2017

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.8/5

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  • Free to Play
  • Numerous enemies and objects on the field
  • Many unique characters to toss around
  • Over a dozen different cannons and guns
  • New BOOSTER Items to ensure hours of fun
  • Over 80 Achievements
  • Bunch of other new amazing gadgets to help you hurdle further through the air
  • Cloud game saves
  • High quality graphics and sound design


Super Toss the Turtle View 2 Super Toss the Turtle View 3 Super Toss the Turtle View 4 Super Toss the Turtle View 5 Super Toss the Turtle View 6 Super Toss the Turtle View 7 Super Toss the Turtle View 8

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Super Toss the Turtle is developed by Gonzossm.